The 2019 Evolution Leadership Conference is six weeks away. My pay-it-forward program, the 10 New Leaders Project, is a part of the conference. I’ve been delighted to share the essays of those who were selected to participate in the program this year.

Applicants were asked to complete an essay answering the question, “How would your participation in this program help you achieve purpose?”

So far, we’ve shared essays from Julie Walker, Executive Director of the Peyton Walker Foundation; Lucas Salter, Account Leader at Wenger Feeds; Ettel Feinberg, Manager of Employee Experience at U-GRO Learning Centres; and Danielle Mariano, Director of Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Management at the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

I’m pleased to share another essay from a participant in the program. This one was submitted by Christopher Boyd who is an Account Executive at Conexus.

The word purpose is a word that means a great deal to me. It’s a word that drives me every day. I was born a 2lb baby in a third world country. So, for me, every day is a gift as I am genuinely not supposed to be here. My mother, a single mother at the time, living in a room as big as a powder room, put me up for adoption to ensure that I could have the best life imaginable.

Having the best life possible to me means thriving professionally, personally, and in the community, while taking advantage of every opportunity that crosses my path. To expand on that, I believe that one aspect of my purpose is to thrive in my career so that I can show other kids that come from a comparable background that success is possible. The second part of my purpose is to give back to the community that has given me so much. I currently serve on a few boards and have started a non-profit, but I still feel like I could be doing so much more. The final but most important part of my purpose is simply becoming the best spouse, father, friend, neighbor, etc. that I can be. Being a part of this program will help me on my way to achieving my maximum potential in all three aspects.

I have always thrived with being coached and led. And have always been inspired by being in the presence of someone with more experience than me. I chose the word experience over success because I firmly believe I learn the most by hearing about others wins and losses. The journey that results in success has always impressed me more than the success itself. With that said, I look forward to having the opportunity of learning from the great leaders associated with this.

In conclusion, I am grateful for the opportunity to be considered for this program and for the time taken to read my essay.

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