"We laid down a foundation to get through the 2008 recession and thrived on the other end. Thought-provoking planning catapulted our business right through 2020."

John Gilliland
Investment Real Estate, LLC

"We can feel the effect at every level of our organization. It’s no coincidence that we’ve doubled our business. The right questions were posed – it makes all the difference."

Greg Holsinger
U GRO Learning Center

"We have experienced significant revenue, margin, and balance sheet growth, and we have accomplished numerous critical initiatives that have resulted in a stronger, more capable organization."

James C. Mooney

"…always meaningful, but most importantly, the results yield a real, very workable strategic plan. We are years ahead outlining challenges, opportunities, and tactics."

David E. Black
Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC

"During the years that I worked with John Dame on his JD Leadership Academies and Evolution Conferences, I found that his integrity and passion are the reasons behind his capacity to develop effective, purposeful leaders. John is energetic and one of the best problem solvers I have come across during my past three decades in leadership positions. He is strategic in his planning and executes with precision. Besides having a high intelligence quotient, his emotional skills allow him to connect with leaders at every level of an organization. John’s events are well organized, and they nurture a new understanding of business leadership. I highly recommend John’s programs."

Kamran Loghman

"John Dame’s expertise and advice help you grow personally and make your business stronger. What is especially impressive about John is his desire to change the world by influencing leaders to consider the social impact of their work. We can do good in the world by doing good from our workplace. John is a living example of this truth."

Sharon Ryan
Dasher Services, Inc.

"John Dame has shown me through his intent and actions that his sole purpose is to become better and to use what he learns on his journey to help others become better. A uniquely American form of Kaizen, the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement, characterizes John. His commitment to improvement reaches out and touches his circle of contacts with generosity."

Dean Minuto

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