Milton Hershey’s Enduring Legacy Program

How did Milton Hershey create and preserve his legacy for over 100 years? Through the establishment of The Hershey Trust Company, Mr. Hershey was able to take care of his money long-term and create an enduring legacy that is still improving the world today.

What Is Our Milton Hershey Legacy Program

What Is Our Milton Hershey Legacy Program

Dame Leadership, in collaboration Rob Vowler (former CEO of The Hershey Trust) has developed a program that will allow you to learn and apply the principles that Mr. Hershey used to establish his enduring legacy. For 12 years, Vowler spearheaded operations at Hershey Trust Company, overseeing investments totaling $10 billion. He led the oversight of The Hershey Company, Hershey Entertainment and Resorts, and the M.S. Hershey Foundation. He served as the primary trustee of the controlling interest in the titular Fortune 500 company and served as a board member of several Hershey entities as well.

Some of the topics and questions that are covered:

  • The History of Hershey – How did Milton Hershey build his wealth?
  • Entity Structure – How did The Hershey Trust structure it’s entities?
  • A Closed Loop – How do you ensure your legacy forever?
  • Public/Private Partnerships – What are the considerations & challenges of this structure?
  • The Hershey Way – How did Milton Hershey create a culture that remains strong today?
  • Defining Your Legacy – How will you define and shape your legacy?

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