How to Get Out of the Weeds as a Leader

Dame Leadership December 7, 2021

In today’s busy world, many executives and other leaders in business find themselves lacking the time they want for bigger-picture strategic thinking. Propelling a business forward means making time to plan out these big moves and carefully structuring your days to give you the most opportunity to move ahead. At the same time, getting out […]

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Is CEO Work-Life Balance Possible?

Dame Leadership November 22, 2021

Obtaining the title of CEO is an incredible achievement in any person’s career. However, it can often come with additional stress and decreased time for personal activities. Finding the right work-life balance as a CEO is something many people search for. Do CEOs have a work-life balance, or is CEO work-life balance a myth? We are […]

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What Is the Meaning of Radical Candor?

Dame Leadership September 21, 2021

Instilling a culture that embraces the power of open communication is a lofty goal for any executive leader — your leadership abilities hinge on your desire to communicate your expectations, processes and goals effectively. To help guide your company culture in the right direction, consider implementing a new framework for professional communications known as radical […]

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What Are the Benefits of Executive Coaching?

Dame Leadership September 13, 2021

Have you ever wondered how to take your vision for your business to the next level? Whether you have been enjoying decades of success in your company or are launching a new startup, you may need help finding the support and accountability you need as a CEO. Many people have questions about what CEO coaching […]

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Press Release: Evolution 2021 Conference

Ed Dame September 1, 2021

John Dame, Leadership Coach and Business Strategist, Hosts the 2021 Evolution Conference Focused on Developing Better Leaders  Harrisburg, PA (September 1, 2021) – John Dame, founder of Dame Leadership, Vistage Chair, and author announces the 2021 Evolution Conference featuring a full day of leadership development focusing on purpose and culture.  The theme for this year’s […]

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COVID-19 Resources for Leaders

Ed Dame March 20, 2020

Good News: We are sharing good news and stories of businesses and individuals doing good things at Please tag things that you see on social media with #BizCares Information Repository: Updated Daily – We have set up a shared Dropbox to exchange files.  Subscribe here and it will automatically sync to your computer. Upcoming […]

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The Evolution of Leadership

Ed Dame September 25, 2019

Employees want leaders who they can trust. They want leaders who can deliver compassion, provide stability, and offer hope. Creating such a company culture attracts, engages, inspires, and retains workers – exactly what every organization needs today. But, it takes more than a few motivational posters and a wordsmithed vision statement hung in the lobby. […]

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