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There is a notable gap between a typical employee’s first leadership position versus their first leadership development experience. A professional will, on average, have their first leadership position at 26, but they won’t receive development and training until age 42.

This gap means that professionals will typically be in leadership for nearly two decades before finding the resources they need to grow as leaders. When people face demanding responsibilities without the knowledge and training they need to succeed, the results are often decreased employee retention rates and other operational complications over time.

We developed the Dame Coaching Academy to address the urgent requirement to train leaders when they need it most. With a personal and professional development coach, leaders like you can reach their full potential and leave their greatest legacy.

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What Makes a Great Leader?

One key aspect of having a personal and professional development coach is identifying who you want to be as a leader and why. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or an emerging leader, some skills will always be critical for your operations.


Adaptability is an essential characteristic of a leader. You need to be able to respond with flexibility to unexpected changes. In the leadership world, circumstances can change suddenly and new information can come to light without any notice. Knowing how to respond effectively with strength, poise and insight is paramount to moving forward.


As a leader, you need to be someone others can trust and follow. When you say you’ll do something, people need to know they can count on you to keep your word. You need to be dependable and consistent in delivering on your commitments, sharing your vision, and engaging with your team. When you’re a person others can trust, you’ll maximize your impact as a great leader.

Emotional Intelligence

In many ways, leadership is about working with people who hold diverse perspectives. Having high emotional intelligence is critical to understanding the responses of those you’re working with and helping others understand your viewpoints.

Why Improve Your Leadership Skills?

If you’re wondering why pursuing leadership development matters, there are several advantages you can consider, both on an operational and personal level:

  • Higher employee retention: When you and your team engage with leadership coaching classes, what you learn will equip you to move your entire organization forward. As you build enthusiasm, motivation and confidence, you can empower employees and increase retention as they engage with your mission.
  • More effective communication: The skills you learn from our executive coaching academy will allow you to engage your team and partners about goals and expectations more effectively.
  • More fulfilled life: With coaching, you can find more purpose and fulfillment in both your professional and personal life as you build self-awareness and find support.

Grow as a Leader With Our Executive Coaching Academy in Harrisburg

Grow as a Leader With Our Executive Coaching Academy in Harrisburg

Investing in yourself as an individual and as a leader is one of the most powerful things you’ll ever do. At Dame Leadership, we’re here to invest in you and help you cultivate your leadership skills so you can leave your greatest legacy. We offer training classes and personalized coaching through our leadership academy to fit your unique needs and help you move forward. To learn more, explore our leadership programs today.

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