Position Details:

  • Full Time (40 hours / week)
  • Hybrid – Team in Central PA / Work Done Remotely (Some Local On-Site Support Required)
  • Expected Salary: $40-50k with incentive plan

Our Purpose:

Everything we do helps develop better and more purposeful leaders. We believe that leaders make a difference in the world. When leaders align with their purpose, they can make the greatest impact and leave a lasting legacy.

Our Culture:

We are a values and fundamentals driven organization. Our core values of Trust, Candor, Accountability, and Service guide everything we do. We have developed a set of fundamentals (behaviors) that guide our work in a more granular sense.

Our Team:

We hire the best people at every position, provide them with the tools and resources to do their job, and let them do the work. We support and collaborate with each other every day, all in support of living out our shared purpose. Read up on the Dame Leadership team.

About You (What We Are Looking For…)

  • Cultural Fit – You align with the Dame Leadership core values and fundamentals. This is essential for success.
  • Manager of One – You can work independently and get things done without immediate supervision. We all work remotely and collaborate virtually. This means we focus on outcomes vs. activity.
  • Highly Accountable – You do what say you will do, every time. Each time we make and meet a commitment it builds trust.
  • Able To See The Future – You can fix problems before they happen and think about the bigger picture to ensure processes run smoothly in the future.
  • Master Communicator – You will be working with high performers and interacting directly with CEOs and business owners. Be able to communicate to be understood in a way that provides a great experience.
  • Super Organized – You know where everything is and can direct everyone to what they need to get their job done.
  • Tech Wizard – You are comfortable with systems like Microsoft 365, Asana, and Hubspot which we use to run our business.
  • Embrace Change – Change is the way of the world. We embrace that and look to keep one foot outside of our comfort zone.
  • Always Learning – Status quo is the enemy. We improve and get better every day. New mistakes are good, that means we are pushing.
  • Open to Feedback – We all have blind spots. We get and receive feedback every day to get better.
  • Process Driven – Document what you do and share your knowledge, no single points of failure.

Success Looks Like:

  • The team is organized, prepared, and ready to go. You have set the stage for a great day of leadership development. The team is prepared with the materials, logistics, and information so they can focus on facilitation, not on the details which you have already taken care of.
  • You continue to improve our process every time we do work. Working with the team, you make suggestions and implement new ideas so we can work more efficiently and productively.
  • Your communication is clear, concise, and to the point. Things are really, really clear!
  • You ask great questions and gather knowledge. When you get the answer, you look to document and share that knowledge to help the team improve.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with our team members to support their day-to-day work. This includes participation in huddles, regular check ins, and communication via email & Microsoft Teams.
  • Scheduling and communication with clients for meetings, 1:1’s, appointments, sales calls, webinars, etc.
  • Booking rooms, logistics, meals, and speakers for meetings.
  • Monitoring Dame Leadership team member emails to triage issues and ensure quick response time to our clients.
  • Managing the team meeting calendar for regular meetings (board meetings, quarterly strategy sessions, monthly team meetings, weekly huddles).
    • Attending meetings, taking notes and distributing follow up items for completion.


  • Please submit your resume and a brief written overview about why you applied.
  • Phone: 717-524-4265
  • Website: dameleadership.com