You On Your Best Day

  • Harrisburg, PA
  • April 16

In a presentation that highlights active, hands-on participation, Michael Allosso compares the preparation, performance, and role of an actor with that of the corporate executive. Through their participation, business people reach a more vital and dynamic awareness of the excellence needed not only for presentations, but also in the communications in every moment of every day. Rather than offering a “band-aid” checklist for making an individual speak better, Allosso offers concrete suggestions and exercises designed to modify behavior and help the participant always be “you on your best day.” Key issues include:

  • appropriateness and method for demonstrating passion and energy
  • generating enthusiasm, clarity, and persuasiveness while staying true to self
  • charisma – can it be learned?
  • team-leading and building
  • the power of the spoken word and when not to speak
  • tone of voice and body movement
  • relaxation and concentration
  • speed, agility, risk-taking, thinking “outside the box”

Participants will do an exercise done by actors, re-structured to maximize relevance in the business world. All will receive immediate feedback so, by the end of the presentation, they will have a new set of tools to make each meeting, planned or spontaneous, with a group or one-on-one, more successful. Morale-boosting and team-building for heightened productivity will be emphasized.

About the Speaker

MICHAEL ALLOSSO is a master communications expert who coaches CEOs and other high level executives both in dynamic presentations as well as effective day to day leadership. He has led award winning workshops for leaders and sales teams all over the world and is a much sought after personal coach. His client base ranges from insurance producers to construction managers, doctors to bankers, actors to politicians. His experience as a professional theater and film director enables him to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses. He gives his clients practical tools to fortify their strengths and eliminate their weaknesses.

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