The Growth Equation: Healthy Culture + Aligned Strategy

  • Harrisburg, PA
  • May 16

Research outlined in the Harvard Business Review estimates less than 15% of strategic plans reach success, and most strategic plans sit on a shelf gathering dust until the next strategic update. Learn how to “blast through” that startling statistic and create an aligned strategic plan implemented with precision. Our curated methods and toolkit will change the way you think about strategy and the culture necessary to support it.  This program shares the tools to help you: engage and train healthy leaders; develop brilliant strategies; then, overlay a high-performance team that creates momentum for the implementation success.

As a result of attending this workshop, members will learn the importance of engagement and culture to improve their strategic planning process and how to double their strategic capacity by focusing on a “growth culture.”

Key takeaways to make a positive impact:

  • The Growth Culture Model: Healthy Leaders, Winning Strategies, and High-Performing Teams.
  • Characteristics of Healthy Leaders to move your company forward. You will complete our research-based survey and self-evaluate your strengths and opportunities.
  • The Strategy in Motion™ framework to evaluate and enhance your strategic process.  Your members will complete Stakeholder Goals and their Company’s key strategic concepts.
  • The art of how a healthy high-performance team is built and sustained over the long-haul.

About the Speaker

Co-Presenters: Darcy Bien and Cyndi Wineinger

Darcy Bien has created and implemented more than 375 strategic plans in her 20+ year career as a strategic guide for organizations committed to growth. Her success rate with clients is 2.2 times the industry standard. She has written numerous articles on strategic implementation and developed a course on strategic planning to certify company leaders to stretch their skills in creating powerful strategies. Darcy has a Harvard MBA, Mechanical Engineering BS from Georgia Tech, and started her career with Procter and Gamble. The daughter of a brilliant entrepreneur who struggled with execution may explain Darcy’s bulldog tenacity among clients for doing whatever it takes to achieve successful strategic implementation.

For more than 35 years, Cyndi Wineinger has specialized in the human side of business while coaching leaders to achieve their strategic goals. She engages neuroscientific evidence to show teams how to evolve quickly, course correct, and thrive. Her approach to leadership development allows the culture and success created by healthy leaders to be repeatable, empowering, and engaging. Cyndi holds a Professional Master Coaching Certification, a distinction held by less than 2% of coaches, and an Advanced Birkman Consultant Certification, as well as numerous other change management certifications.  Their partnership allows them to double their client’s strategic capacity and strategic implementation success through healthy leaders and high-performance teamwork.

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