RealTime CEO: Strategy- Operations- Numbers

  • Harrisburg, PA
  • March 16

Nick Setchell presents RealTime CEO, a fresh perspective on ‘whole of business” leadership that enables the CEO to grasp a true understanding of the real position of their business thereby allowing them to act in real-time to challenge and improve their future.

The RealTimeCEO framework establishes a culture that enables the business to combine a strong leadership skillset with powerful strategic planning while using plain English numbers to guarantee better decisions.

When RealTime CEO becomes integral to the business culture, the CEO and leaders are able to:

  • Implement plain English communication that all parties understand
  • Harness the significant benefits of thinking as a “passionate contrarian”
  • Developing leaders of the future as well as managers of today
  • Determine strengths and weaknesses of business performance
  • Convert strategies into accountable actions
  • Manage change to ensure improvement potential is realized.

Speaker Bio:

Nick Setchell is CEO of Practice Strategies, a business improvement consulting firm that defined and developed RealTime CEO and Fiscal Focus®.

Nick has analyzed in excess of 1,000 businesses and worked with hundreds of CEOs and executives around the world to help them better understand their business performance and make better business decisions.

Nick has presented in excess of 1,000 workshops to CEOs and executives in the Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand. Nick has also run numerous coaching workshops for commercial bankers in Australia and the United States.

Nick has held senior executive positions in business management since 1989.  In 2001 Nick set up his own international consulting practice primarily working with CEOs and senior executives in Australia, USA, UK, Canada, and New Zealand.

As a speaker and presenter, Nick has been internationally recognized and has been awarded the Mick Robertson Award and “Speaker of the Year” from TEC Australia and Vistage UK’s “International Speaker of the Year” Award. In the two years that Nick lived in the United States, he was one of only three people to be recognized by Vistage on the best speakers list two years in a row.

Nick holds a bachelor of economics degree from the University of Adelaide and is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

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