Raise Revenues & Increase Profits by Creating a Totally Accountable Workplace

  • Harrisburg, PA
  • July 18 - 20

This highly interactive workshop involves each of the participants. Mike Scott supports them to determine specific accountability issues where they have difficulty. Through group work, participants will determine solutions to areas where they desire to have improvement.

Key issues covered include:

  • Living without excuses
  • Delegation that works
  • Prioritization based on importance
  • Using Vistage partners for accountability

Scott approaches this subject of time management from the perspective that companies work better when accountability is a primary issue, starting from the top down, through personal example and expectations of employees. He presents the major issues most executives deal with continuously. He then teaches practical and easy-to-apply techniques for their solutions.

Members will leave with first-hand knowledge and practiced skills to use immediately to make themselves more productive. They will also have a powerful, easy-to-use problem solving procedure which will have proven itself in the workshop. Members will also be in a position to transfer these same skills to employees who need them.

About the Speaker

Mike’s program delivers tools, strategies and systems that increase accountability and efficiency. These “systems” are about creating healthy organizational “habits” and it always starts at the top in order to raise revenues and decrease expenses.

After serving in Vietnam as an officer in the U.S. Army, Scott entered the oilfield business in Houston, Texas. He served as director of recruiting and training with Reed Tool Company, a leading drill bit manufacturer.

In 1983, Scott built his own training and consulting business, teaching executive and management teams the essentials about how to maximize the output of themselves and their employees.

For the past 25 years, Scott and his professional team have worked with over 400 Vistage companies. They also have consulted and trained with thousands of U.S., Canadian, and British companies including AAA, McDonald’s, and Ernst & Young to significantly increase income and decrease expenses by millions of dollars.

Scott earned his BS in business and his MA in psychology from North Dakota State University.

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