How do you fix that? Measure-twice, cut-once to build leaders

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  • June 30

One of our leaders is problematic and messing up the team…” < or > “Our leaders will be ‘aging out’ and retiring; replacements won’t be ready; and we don’t have a plan.”

Q: How do you fix that?
A: A measure-twice, cut-once approach to leader development … without more “classes” and reading assignments

It’s a question that has been coming up frequently: Sometimes the leader isn’t listening. Sometimes they’re being a bully. Maybe their ego is getting in the way. Maybe they have no idea how they’re coming across.

The good news is there’s a simple, systematic approach to give you the best chance of success – we start by helping the problematic leader answer three questions:

1) What do I need to change?
2) How do I change?
3) Why should I change?

Join me Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 4pm ET to talk more about a “measure-twice, cut-once approach to leader development.” We will cover what you can do to help problematic leaders answer these questions and support their development. PLUS, we will look at how the “a “measure-twice, cut-once approach” can help you develop the high-potential employees you have today for leadership roles in the future. Because you can measure leadership potential. You can measure what your company needs. And then we’re not wasting time and money.

We’ll look at:
+ What to measure
+ How to measure it
+ What to do with the results
+ How to make the system stick
+ And WHY it’s worth your attention

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