How Assessments Strengthen Your Company

  • Webinar
  • April 11


We’ll share how the proper use of assessments can empower organizations to achieve their goals and strengthen their business.

We’ll discuss client case studies on how identifying the correct assessment tool will:
– Identify the best candidates for employment based on their natural traits/competencies.
– Build meaningful growth opportunities linked to employees’ strengths.
– Understand leadership team alignment potential.
– Improve performance by creating targeted development plans.

We’ll also share studies showing how assessments have a positive downstream effect of improving turnover, increasing productivity, and developing internal leaders.

Join members of the Dame Leadership Team, Mark Walker (Practice Leader of Assessment Solutions) and Krista Beljan, SPHR Beljan (Leadership Consultant) on Tuesday, April 11 at 2pm EDT for this free webinar as they discuss and illustrate ways clients have utilized assessments to achieve these goals.

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