Executive Sit, Stand, Stretch – Self Care Techniques and Prevention Strategies of Back and Neck Pain

  • Harrisburg, PA
  • December 17
Lower back and neck pain has cost billions of dollars in workers compensation and reduced productivity. These days it is a true epidemic requiring the corporate culture to shift to prevention strategies. Activities of daily living whether at home, work or even while traveling have been linked to lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain and stiffness. Key discussion points in this talk will be:
  • The true reason many suffer from back pain and how to self-treat and prevent it.
  • Neck pain and stiffness are very prevalent. What one should know in order to treat and prevent it?
  • What is the secret to aging with a perfect posture?
The audience will learn and practice how to recognize, treat and prevent these common aches and pains. Often these mechanical pains can be resolved quickly and efficiently by utilizing specific exercises. In addition, they will learn the key points of spine care while at work, home or traveling in order to keep their spine healthy and maintain a perfect posture for life. Group work and problem solving session will allow for an immediate opportunity to apply specific exercises on each other in order to practice these unique self-healing strategies.

The cost savings for any organization that invests in executives and employees education on prevention of common musculo-skeletal orthopedic problems are substantial. In my workshops, I educate on the reasons many suffer from back pain or sciatica, neck pain and stiffness. The participants learn and practice how to deal with real life scenarios. By utilizing group work they practice how to treat their own spine but also, most importantly, how to prevent pain. Fortune 500 companies and YPO/WPO groups have invited me to provide these informative workshops and learn the secrets of self-healing and prevention strategies. As an international speaker on the field of prevention of musculoskeletal orthopedic problems, I enjoy helping clients with tips and techniques on self-care and how to avoid medications, injection and of course surgeries.

About the Speaker

As a TEDx Speaker and an “Orthopedic Clinical Specialist” (OCS), Dr. Yoav is highly sought after for his expertise and innovation on self healing and prevention strategies by consulting corporations, executives, dealing with loss of employees and reduced productivity due to common back or neck pain.  After serving in the Israeli Air Force for 4 years, Dr. Yoav Suprun earned his clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from New York University in 2003. He continued his post graduate education and received his Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) in 2007. He is the president of “South Beach Spine” (SoBe Spine), a concierge physical therapy practice in Miami Beach, FL, and a faculty member with the McKenzie Institute USA, where, as a continuing education provider, he trains healthcare professionals in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT).

Dr. Yoav’s simple, yet highly effective tips to treat and prevent mechanical back or neck or extremity pain have created a strong following of devotees among corporations, executives, athletes and the public. His finely-honed, engaging speaking skills enable him to explain in an easy to understand manner these mechanical problems as well as workplace ergonomics. He educates (while entertaining) his executives and their employees on how they can often self-treat and prevent common orthopedic problems, without medications, injections or invasive procedures.


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