Executive Presence: How do you Look and Sound as a Leader Today

  • Harrisburg, PA
  • November 17

Warren Buffet believes effective presentation and communication skills will increase your value by fifty percent. Executive Speech Coach Gwen Resick-Rennich couldn’t agree more. Gwen will share tools with participants on how to project a more powerful presence through their delivery skills and body language. The techniques will be put into action through a compelling and entertaining workshop where each member, with time permitting, will receive one-on-one coaching. The members will be recorded on camera and the video played back so that each presenter can see where he/she gains power and where credibility is taken away. Then the coaching begins with Gwen using her talent to guide each member to a new level of confidence in a remarkably short time.

Speaker Bio:

International Speaker and Executive Speech Coach Gwen Resick-Rennich is the founder of Resick-Rennich Presentations, an executive speech coaching and keynote presenting organization. Gwen’s credits include over ten years of television experience as a CBS affiliate news co-anchor and reporter and as a NBC affiliate co-host and story producer for Denver’s television show “P.M. Magazine.”

The result of her extensive media background, with over twenty years as a professional speaker, is that Gwen delivers the message whatever it might be with heart, wit, and intellect that engages the audience members and gets them to listen.

She is known worldwide, having spoken in nineteen different countries on four continents at more than one thousand venues.

Gwen’s speaking and training versatility have brought her into Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies, small to mid-sized organizations, non-profit organizations, and universities. Gwen has helped professionals in the fields of healthcare, legal, IT, insurance, real estate, and education achieve new levels of effectiveness.

Gwen has spoken on topics such as leadership development, presentation skills, managing people with bad attitudes, conflict resolution, image and self-projection, and getting over the fear of speaking.

Individuals who work with Gwen learn to captivate their listeners with impact, present themselves with poise and confidence and persuade listeners to act upon the information they share.

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