Design Your Life

  • Harrisburg, PA
  • February 15 - 16

Your employees are looking to you as an example of not only how to lead, but also how to lead. If you are honest with yourself, are you living the life you’d design if you had the opportunity today? Are you being as intentional as you should be not only in your work life, but also in your love, play, and health quadrants of life? Using ‘Design Thinking’ (an innovative and creative problem solving framework used across industries and sectors worldwide), Darci will coach you through the steps necessary to ‘Design Your Life’ in order to build a live a life that brings you joy. It may just be the most powerful gift you can give your associates. A leader who is ‘modeling the way’ when it comes to living a healthy and fulfilling life.

About the Speaker
The founder of Wayfinding with Darci Williams, Darci is an ICF Certified Executive Coach who leads with a combination of heart and action. She’s a dynamic and energizing partner and has a proven track record of collaborating with executives to achieve ground-breaking results.

Darci’s experience spans a variety of sectors, including: Healthcare, Digital Marketing & Advertising, Insurance and startup. Darci has an appreciation for nuances in culture, as well as a thorough understanding of the leadership capabilities required to be successful across the board.

With 15 years experience in progressive leadership roles in Human Resources, (including HR Business Partnership, Recruitment, Learning & Development) plus 4 years experience of Strategy & Innovation leadership; Darci is further differentiated by her ability to offer multidimensional support for her clients.

Darci received her coach training from the Hudson Institute and, in addition to her ICF coaching certification, is a certified “Designing Your Life” coach (having trained directly with the authors of the New York Times Best Selling book and Stanford course).

Darci prides herself on being authentic and playful, and shows up wholehearted in all she does. She is warm, encouraging, and enthusiastic, and  uses her gifts to create safe spaces for others, inviting them to see new perspectives, offering tools to support their journey, and reminding them to celebrate themselves along the way.

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