I have grown up in manufacturing. Starting out of high school as a machine operator, I worked at a local manufacturing plant. After a year of working, I chose to join the Marine Corps Reserve. My employer chose to keep my job open for me so upon completion of my time in the Marines I went back to work. I moved into new roles learning the technical side of manufacturing, into supervision, then moved on to become a planner/buyer. After 15 years in manufacturing I moved into customer service, sales, then eventually into logistics to run our distribution facility. Through all those role changes, I had the opportunity to work for and beside some incredible leaders as well as some not so incredible leaders. What became very clear is that the right (or wrong) leader can have a huge impact to your satisfaction in any given role. I also had the opportunity to develop some leaders over time, and to see them grow and develop was one of the most satisfying things I have experienced in my work career. I look forward to continuing to learn and develop ways to improve my leadership skills.